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Tents is a logic puzzle with simple rules and challenging solutions.

The rules of Tents are simple:
- Pair each tree with a tent adjacent horizontally or vertically. This should be a 1 to 1 relation.
- Tents never touch each other even diagonally
- The clues outside the grid indicate the number of tents on that row/column.

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6x6 Tents Puzzle ID: 503,063
6x6 Tents Puzzle ID: 9,061,874
6x6 Tents Puzzle ID: 12,266,515
6x6 Tents Puzzle ID: 1,510,550
6x6 Tents Puzzle ID: 799,076
6x6 Tents Puzzle ID: 3,317,122
6x6 Tents Puzzle ID: 12,630,563
6x6 Tents Puzzle ID: 448,217
6x6 Tents Puzzle ID: 3,017,055
6x6 Tents Puzzle ID: 11,164,808
6x6 Tents Puzzle ID: 1,834,841
6x6 Tents Puzzle ID: 6,387,805
6x6 Tents Puzzle ID: 11,958,495
6x6 Tents Puzzle ID: 10,623,295
6x6 Tents Puzzle ID: 3,729,624
6x6 Tents Puzzle ID: 5,091,382

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